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What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an entertaining outdoor adventure.  It is a treasure hunt that requires people to use a Gobal Positioning System receiver (GPSr) to search for containers, known as Geocaches, that are hidden around the world by other treasure hunters, or "Geocachers".  For more information visit the Frequently Asked Questions section of

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               Garmin 60CSx


The location of our very first find, "Urban Waterfall".  A nice little pond and waterfall almost in our backyard! 

Our first find!  It was a military Decon container wrapped in camo duct tape, hidden in an evergreen tree.  This is considered a small sized cache.

Ryan with our first cache.  He took the little plane, and we left some Vista stickers and a Vista Coin.


Our second find - "Firebox # 1".  It was also in a cool hidden park we would never have found if it weren't for this cool sport!  This is considered a regular sized cache.

The contents of "Firebox # 1"  We took a snake and frog, and left a T-shirt, Vista Stickers, and a Vista Coin.

Our third find - "Petite Promenade".
This was VERY hard to find!  It's a small metal can, with a magnetic base and a log rolled up really tight inside.  This is considered a micro cache.  You only log these, no trinket trading.

I bought 10 military ammo cans off e-Bay to make some REALLY GREAT CACHES!!! Stay tuned! (MAN! Do these things bring back memories of my Army days!)

Close up of the ammo can, the little metal cases on top are magnetic micro caches - all they hold is a very tiny log all rolled up.  I got these because I liked the one we found ("Petite Promenade")so much.

I also got 10 vinyl stickers to cover up the military lettering - These not only cover up the lettering, but clearly identify it as a Geocache.  These days, people tend to freak out if they see some military looking metal box hidden somewhere...

Closer view of the magnetic micro caches.

4 small 35mm film canister caches.

Our first Hide!  "TRIangulation" - Located at N35 02.190, W080 50.090
Its one of the magnetic micro caches attached to a nail head, and painted brown.

Pretty cool little cache in Matthews, NC - A fake electrical cover on the bottom of a power meter.

Close up of the front.

The back - they glued screw heads in and used magnets to attach it to the bottom of the meter!

Another interesting one in Matthews, NC - It's the PVC pipe on the pole.

The 4 film canister micro caches -  ready to hide!
Each has a log, 6 Vista Coins, and a pair of Microsoft Dice.  There is also a small FTF coin for the "First To Find"!

A Microsoft swag cache I'm making.
I'm expecting even more stuff from local and Seattle employees.  VERY NICE FTF Package!!!  It has Windows Vista, a Vista Bluetooth headset and more!

8 other caches I'm making.  I don't have all the locations picked out yet, but I'm shooting for half of all the caches in Charlotte, NC, and the other half in Blowing Rock, NC.

A closer view of one of the 8.  They are all almost identical in contents.

Log books and pens.

"First To Find" coins.

Windows Vista "Tips and Tricks" DVD's.

Windows Vista stickers.

Windows Vista coins.


Geocaching wristbands.

Retractable network cables.

USB / PS2 Optical Mice - They light up a really cool blue color.

USB Memory FOB's - The Vista ones are 256mb, and the big blue Microsoft one is 128mb, but it's full of different colored LED's that blink on and off when plugged in.

Hot Wheels - I got 10 5 packs at Target.

Geocaching pins - There's enough for 3 in each cache with some left over for us to use as trade items.

Colored and polished quartz.

4 pounds of colored stones.

Big chunks of Arizona quartz.

Travel Bugs.

Geocoins - 5 "Pirates Booty" and 3 "Garmin Armed".

The backs of the Geocoins.

A bunch of semi-precious stones.

The semi-precious stones divided up.

All the stuff above packed up into the ammo cans.

Another view - they are all almost ready to go!  A few more items, some printouts, and most importantly - LOCATIONS!!!