The Cook Boys Build a Quadrocopter!!!


We'll be starting out doing a simple Quad in an "X" configuration until we get the hang of flying it, and then we'll move up to a Hex, Y6, X8, or Octo configuration with FPV!!!

Starting Equipment:

Radio - Spektrum DX8 Transmitter, AR8000 Receiver, and TM1000 Telemetry Module
Flight Controller - HoverFly Sport (HoverFly Pro / HoverFly GPS later???)
Electronic Speed Controllers - (4) Turnigy Plush-25A
ESC Programmer - Turnigy BESC Programming Card
Brushless Motors - (4) Turnigy 2217 - 860kv
Propellers - APC 10X4.7 & APC 10X4.7P (2 of each)
Battery - (3) Turnigy 4000 mAh 3S 30C LiPo Pack
Charger - Turnigy Mega 200Wx2 Battery Charger
Camera - Contour Roam 1080P
Other - MaxBotix MB100 Rangefinder for AH

Spektrum DX8 Transmitter.

Spektrum TM1000 Aircraft Telemetry Module and AR8000 8 Channel Receiver. (I'll only be using 5 of the 8 to start with.)

Velcro and Loctite :).

MaxBotix MB1000 High Performance Ultrasonic Rangefinder - This will be used to allow the Quadrocopter to hold its altitude on command.

The wiring diagram to use for this rangefinder (Use the second up from the bottom - PWM).

12/29/2011 - UPS brought a BUNCH of parts today!!!

Turnigy ESC Programmer.

Contour Roam HD Camera.
I'm not going to use the rail mounts that came with it - I'm going to secure it to the bottom platform with a 1/4-20 bolt into the tripod mount hole.

(4) Turnigy 2217 Motors.

(4) Turnigy Plush 25A ESC's.

APC Propellers (2 CW, 2 CCW)

Wire, Heat Shrink, Screws, etc...

The brains!  HoverFly Sport - Flashed to the latest firmware and set up for "X" configuration.

The 6 available configurations for the HoverFly Sport.  Since mine is a quad, I had 2 choices, "X" or "+".  I went with "X" so an arm / motor mount would not be directly in front of the camera.  That give a 90 degree FOV which is why I am considering the Y6 config later - 50% more lift and a 120 degree FOV.

All 4 ESC's are programmed like this.
(I'm using LiPo's but you still need to select NiCd).

Close up of the ESC settings.

Ultrasonic Sensor all soldered up!

Receiver and Ultrasonic Sensor hooked up to the HoverFly.

Last picture of the day - I'm Going to bed!!!

12/29/11 - UPS Arrives with a DC Power Filter!

I got this from

2 of the motors with extensions soldered on and heat shrink tubing covering the joints.

Closer view.

Camera and 2 of the motors mounted.

All 4 motors mounted, 3 propeller shafts mounted.

The reason the 4th prop can't be mounted :(  1 of the screw holes was not tapped out correctly - A replacement is being overnighted...

I decided to work on the ESC's until the prop replacement part arrives.  3 female connectors soldered onto each motor end.

Heat shrink tubing applied.

Orientation Decals - Red for the front arms, Black for the rear.

Decals cut and applied to the arms.
4th Propeller shaft mounted.

Male connectors soldered on.

Heat shrink tubing applied.

ESC's mounted and Main Power Harness made and mounted.

Arms back on -Rear view.

From the front.

Top plate mounted - Rear view.

Front view.

Power harness leads left long until batteries arrive - I'll cut them to fit when I know where everything fits.

Satellite receiver.

Right side - Receiver and connections.

Rear view.

Left Side - ESC Connections.

Bottom view - Ultrasonic sensor and camera.

Props mounted!!!

01/06/12 - LiPo's and Charger Arrive!

Charger - It can charge 2 at a time.

Propeller Balancer.

I made this harness to calibrate up to 6 ESC's at the same time...

01/09/2012 - More goodies arrived today!

3-8 cell LiPo Low Voltage Alarm.

Bright blue LED when in use.

Individual 3 Cell LiPo tester.

Shows the status of each individual cell in the LiPo pack.

3 more 2217's - Total of 7 now so I can do a Hex or Y6 and still have a spare.

Red and Blue LED light strips to put on the arms for night flying!!!

Pretty ambitious as I haven't even got it going in the daylight yet!


Powered up!

They threw this in for free :)
I can tell I've purchased a bit too much Turnigy equipment when they start throwing in swag...

6 more of each blade type - Prepping for crashes in advance :)

Loctite applied to the prop adapters and shaft screws of the 3 extra motors.

Servo tester kit from Gadget Gangster arrived today - I built it in about 10 minutes, VERY EASY kit...

4.8V - 6.0V Battery and 1 or 2 servos can be tested.

01/12/2012 - I cut the LED light strips down to 9 LED's each (You can cut after each set of 3) and soldered pigtails onto them.

They are VERY bright!  With the red and blue so close together here, it mixes and looks a little purple.  The earlier pictures of them are a much better representation of the color.

Applied to the arms with the 3M peel and stick backing.

I removed all 4 arms and wrapped the sections between the motor mounts and the body in clear heat shrink tubing - No way those LED strips can come off now!

I also added the Telemetry Module (Bottom Right) and the LiPo Low Voltage Alarm (Top Middle)


Steps left to do prior to first flight: