Kevin Cook's
"Vertical Assault"
Level 2 Certification Project


Height: 89"
Diameter: 3"
(without motor): 6 Pounds
CP: 71.75" from nose tip
CG: 67" from nose tip
Fins: 3
Stages: 1
Motor Mount: 54mm
Recovery System: 48" Main Parachute, 18" Drogue Parachute

54mm Motor Tube with JB Weld on, ready for the Tailcone / Motor Retainer.

Tailcone / Motor Retainer in place.

Another view.  JB Weld is used here because of it's high heat tolerance .

Aft Centering Ring, Spacer, Pre Molded Fin Can, and Forward Centering Ring all epoxied on.

Top of the Avionics Bay.

Other side of the Avionics Bay Top.

Sled that will hold the Batteries and Avionics.

Sled on the rails.

Bottom attached.

Other side of the sled.

Completed Avionics Bay. The wiring / Electronics will be done later.

Making the 54mm to 38mm adapter.  JB Weld is used here for the same reasons.

Nosecone - The tape is to make it fit tight in the airframe.

Avionics Bay epoxied into the Upper Airframe.

"Zipper Stopper" - Basically a small foam ball covered in Kevlar cloth on top of the Kevlar shock cords.  It cushions the load against the rim of the Airframe, and helps prevent "Zippers". (That's when the shock cord violently gets yanked on the rim, and rips through the side.)

Motor Mount Assembly epoxied into the Lower Airframe.

Looking down the Lower Airframe.  You can see the Kevlar "Zipper Stopper".

Side view.  The rubber bands are there to hold the airframe tight to the aft centering ring while the epoxy sets.